MPS Awareness Day Teacher / Parent Resources

If you’re a teacher or parent looking for ideas about how to talk to your students or kids about MPS Day . . . THANK YOU! I’ve compiled some resources here that are intended to give you a tangible way to connect with kids to help them understand Simon a little bit better.

MPS is such a complicated disease – with so many different types and complex symptoms – it’s important to talk to kids in pretty simple terms about it. The most obvious way that MPS impacts Simon right now is in his short stature and mobility, so that’s what I usually try to help kids understand and accept.

Most of the resources here are for elementary-aged kids, but I’ve also included some videos at the bottom of the list that would be appropriate for middle or high school kids – even adults!

Dwarfism Book & Activities: Not Too Big . . . Not Too Small . . . Just Right for Me!

Morquio Book for Kids

  • Morquio Quest (virtual edition) – lighthearted story designed to teach kids about Morquio syndrome and what it does to the cells in the body.

Rare Disease Resources

For kids who don’t necessarily know who Simon is, it might be more appropriate to focus your conversation on rare diseases in general.

  • Rare Disease school toolkit and lesson plan – ages 5-6 (includes french)
  • Rare Disease school toolkit and lesson plan – ages 7-8
  • Rare Disease school toolkit and lesson plan – ages 12+

Resources for Older Kids and Adults

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and how it has changed our lives.

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